Karthik Pasupathy

Co-founder, NextStop
On a mission to help people build rewarding careers in the SaaS space.
Niche SaaS platforms/products has the potential to grow into a unicorn. Zenoti (Salon software) recently became a unicorn with their $160 million fundraise. 
"Product marketing forms the basis for a lot of product building"
 - Someone gets it 😃

 Aishwarya Ashok  This is nice! But, you left one thing though. The biggest responsibility of a product marketer is to explain product marketing to people inside the company :D 
 Aishwarya Ashok  Even someone like Julie Zhao couldn't explain what a product marketer does :D I'll try to come up with something. 
Wow! This is a really nice find! Thanks  Aishwarya Ashok