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Yes, followed by UpGrad, and I'm sure Vedantu is closely coming up next. EdTech didn't lose its sheen, 2021 calls out. 
 Karthik Pasupathy  Haha, that's why I said it's a different track to talk about "things to do for internal teams" who are ultimately your target audience before even you think about the ones outside. 

Product marketing forms the basis for a lot of product building. :) 
 Karthik Pasupathy  Haha, true that. It's a role that encompasses a variety of skills.

Reminds me of a time I had created a slide to explain the very basic idea about product marketing. If not grandparents, it was to a six-year old. ;)

Of course, it'll be super fun to add more and discuss the depth of this function, with interested folks! 😃