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Making SaaS streaming a little creative and fun

Here's an Indiehacker tip I chanced upon. Though Twitch and Discord started off on the gaming note, market demands have made these apps to adapt otherwise (which is quite cool, for sure!). The latest interesting idea to promote SaaS products on Twitch goes back to our age-old spin wheel concept. Fancy enough to try?

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Community =/= Marketing?

'Community is a moat' has been the thumb-rule for most startups now, but does it give the same defensibility? Not really. Because a lot of us have started replacing the meaning of community with what stands for marketing. A product wanting to build a community to talk about its offerings and using it as a one-way channel of promotions is mostly what's observed. As product managers and marketers, we always tend to quantify the effort spent into building and running a community. How many active followers, what % of conversions from the meetup, what's the daily usage pattern like? 

But, what if community really isn't all about marketing? Here's an excellent article that details the difference between the two, and emphasizes on why go-to community is a skill of its own:
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The eternal tug-of-war for SaaS products

In the last few months, most of the SaaS product folks and founders I've interacted with had one word repeated constantly—distribution. 

The mindset that's needed now is: how do you build distribution just like you build your product? [Oh, no, 'they' won't automatically come if you build, if that's what you still think]

Here's a good article that covers why just building remarkable products isn't enough.
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How would you want to explain your role to your grandparents?

I chanced upon one of my favorite product persons' tweet and I was thinking that it could make a great exercise for all of us!

Here's an interesting thread about a couple of roles in the SaaS product space.👇

Now, over to y'all! Let's get the stories started. :D

How would you want to explain your (future) SaaS role to your grandparents? Waiting for some interesting analogies.

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SaaS and Startup concepts as comics

For folks who are new into the SaaS space and interested in startups, I found a little project that can help you. A lot of us are visual learners and we'd prefer learning a particular concept in chunks, covered as a story. If you're already pumped up by reading so far, here's what I'm talking about:

This project has a list of everyday SaaS (DAU/MAU, Payback period, ARPU, Churn, etc.), generic operational and strategic terms used in startups (Valuation, Monetization, Moat, etc.) outlined as comics.

Have fun in discovering one story a day! 
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